What are wood residues?

Wood residues make up a combination of untreated raw wood materials such as bark, wood shavings, and other wood debris.

Wood residues are the main component of the products Azwood manufacture like renewable energy, composts, landscaping barks, and more. 

Wood residues are anything left over from a higher purpose or higher use product; like sawdust and shavings from mills, logging slash, offcuts, and any debris left over from forest harvesting. 

From the wood residues we take from forest, there's the higher value residue such as the lower value log and billet wood, through to the bark that's left over from the log that is processing. Azwood processes and manufacture all of those residues.

  • The bark product can be processed into landscaping barks, compost for growers, biofiltration for waste water treatment and odour control, bioretention for a natural rain garden. All of these natural products put positive carbon back into the ground for sustainable growth and help the reduction of the use of synthetic products and fertilisers.
  • Sawdust and shavings from mills are used to manufacture wood energy pellet fuel which are used commercially for high energy output requirements and also domestically for heating homes in pellet fires across New Zealand.
  • Untreated quality logs and wood residues from the forestry and construction industries are used to manufacture high quality wood chip fuel for industrial commercial energy output.

All our products are made from natural residues that would otherwise end up in dumpsites of landfills. Our mission is the enhance the environment by harnessing natural residues.

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