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Storage tips for your pellet fuel

We understand that owning a pellet fire is an investment and the pellet fuel you feed your fire needs to be of high quality to warm your home and protect your fire.

Azwood® pellets are certified to the ENplus® A1 certified which not only ensures the quality of the product but that the quality is not compromised from manufacturing and packaging to delivery.

However, once they leave our hands, we are relying on you to maintain the quality and in return, your pellet fire will get the clean hot burn you expect from your pellet fuel.

Follow these three simple storage tips for pellet fuel: 

  1. Inside - Just like you, our pellets prefer a warm dry environment and do not like moisture or condensation. If left outside they become exposed and although the packaging will protect them to some extent, we cannot guarantee the quality will stay the same. If you have a garage or garden shed that is dry this can be a great place to store the bags until they are ready to be used.
    Note: Opposite to that, do not store them too close to the fire. Pellet fuel is extremely condensed high energy fuel, and we don’t want the fire to start before they have been placed safely inside your pellet fire.
  2. Dry - Our packaging designs offer a breathable, dry environment for the pellet fuel to live until it is ready to be burned. However, if left out in the elements and exposed to moisture and condensation over long periods of time this could break down these barriers and compromise the quality of the product.
  3. Elevated - If stored directly on the ground, pellet fuel is more at risk of absorbing moisture from the ground or if there has been rain the water can build up around the base. 
    Note: Even if you have stored them inside in a dry room you never know when a major weather event may happen. It pays to have your bags elevated regardless. As they say, better safe than sorry.