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Soil Health Field Day

Tasman | Friday 7th June 2024

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Creating circular economies through sustainable growing

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Tasman Soil Health Field Day

Why attend this event

Creating circular economies through sustainable growing

We have a team of guest speakers from within the horticulture industry to discuss how you can incorporate sustainable growing practices in your orchard and this year we will have data backed results showing the long-term benefits of compost application from some of the orchards we partner with.

Soil Health Field Day

Kono Orchard
175 Chamberlain Street
Friday 7th June 2024
10am - 1pm

*Registration required

By attending

You will gain an understanding of

Soil health field day 2022

Soil Health

Learn about the many long-term benefits of compost application to increase yield.

Sustainable growing

How compost can reduce the use of fertilisers and the advantages of using BioGro-Certified products.

Extreme weather

How to condition your soils to combat extreme weather conditions like droughts

Including compost in fert budget

Learn how compost can decrease your reliance on synthetic fertilisers

2024 Marlborough Soil Health Field Day

Speakers at this years event

Lachy hynd

“The things that create good soil structure are plant roots and microbiology. The value of compost is to provide a food source for microbes. So like the native forests we want to put natural organic matter back onto the surface of the plants. Compost does the same job in a commercial situation.” 

Lachy Hynd


Tim Williams

“If I’m serious about growing a healthy plant and maximising my returns per ha I have to start with maintaining a healthy soil structure."

Tim Williams

Hortex Contracting

Frank portrait

“We're deeply invested in aligning our values with tangible actions that contribute to a circular economy. By collaborating, sharing knowledge, and implementing innovative solutions, we can make significant strides towards a more sustainable future for the horticulture industry"

Frank Voltolina



BioGro's mission is to enable a sustainable and ethical future for producers and consumers.

The BioGro logo on an organic product is an assurance that it is genuine and that every input used in the production of organic products has been rigorously assessed, tested and controlled to align with organic values and integrity.”

Luca Fant


Simnon 2023 2

“The process of making compost has been around for a long time. But what we have been able to do in this modern age is add some science to the process. We can manipulate the nutrients, carbon, and nitrogen to make different compost for every grower’s needs. The whole idea of manufacturing compost is to neutralise the smells and kill all the weeds so when it goes out to our customers it’s good quality free-flowing compost.”

Simon Kemp


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Previous events

Hear from others who attended

"Great meeting like-minded people. I made some good contacts and it was interesting learning what others are doing."

"Touching base with many like-minded people also reinforced what we are currently doing is best practice at this stage in everyone's knowledge."

"Good informative morning, it gave me the confidence to keep using your products and helped build my knowledge of biology as your products help build the health of my soils. Good coffee and food also. Thanks."

"Great presentations on the basics of compost, and Azwood's manufacturing process. I appreciated the technical advice from the soil consultant. Was a well run event."
*Registration required
Azwood on forestry site square

Who is Azwood?

Azwood provides environmentally sustainable solutions by repurposing wood residues. All our products, including compost, are manufactured and produced from natural wood residues that would otherwise end up in dump sites or landfills. We give natural waste another purpose.

By providing environmental cleanup services and using the residues we collect to manufacture natural products, we help organisations access a circular economy when they partner with us or buy our products. Our environmental cleanup is also helping to mitigate the risks of climate change.

We work closely with other local businesses to help them repurpose natural waste, like sawdust from sawmills, manures and fungi, animal bi-products, and green waste.

Find out more about Azwood here.



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This event is for vineyard managers & growers looking to learn about the sustainable practices of repurposing your grape marc into compost at a commercial growers scale and the benefits of applying compost to your soils.

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